A Scriptural Defense of Hunting

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PETAís "Jesus Campaign" Isnít Biblical (...cont)

By Russell Thornberry Reprinted by permission from Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine Oct 1999 issue

Some were for reproduction and others were for sacrifice. When God is dismissed as Creator, all kinds of things go awry. Manís dignity is derived from having been created in Godís image, not in his being further developed than a jackrabbit. God alone reserves the right to determine what life will or will not be divine. According to His determination, animal life is not.

What is little understood is that this battle against hunting and the taking of animal life is not simply being waged by overzealous people whose common sense has been overridden by their emotions. This is very much a religious issue, based on the misconception that animal and human life are of equal value in Godís eyes. Some Eastern religions (that do not acknowledge biblical truth) actually worship animals while their populations starve. In such cases, the "sacred cow" is a god to be worshiped and held in higher esteem than human life. Animal rights activists who would deny medical advancement to heal human suffering clearly embrace the "God equals biology" ideology. This was made clearly evident when P.E.T.A.ís Ingrid Newkirk said: "A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy." So the assault by animal rights campaigners is aimed at much more than your hunting rights. Itís aimed at the very heart of Christian doctrine.

PETA is either unacquainted with the Bibleís (Godís) position on this matter or they are intentionally misrepresenting it. Whichever the case, I offer the following chronological passages of scripture from both the Old and New Testaments, which not only prove that Jesus was not a vegetarian, but also that God put animals on the planet for manís use (including food).

Interestingly, though there are numerous Biblical references to hunting, none of them are negative. The assault on hunting is a very modern product of the political correctness movement, which also deems God Himself as politically incorrect. Regulated hunting as a means of controlling game populations fits Godís stewardship mandate for man because it allows game animals to thrive in balance with nature. Poaching and illegal market hunting certainly do not fit Godís stewardship mandate because these acts represent shameful stewardship of the resource. Though I am likely preaching to the choir, I remind readers that the diminishing habitat base for wildlife, due to manís greed and poor stewardship, is the greatest threat to the future of wildlife, not regulated hunting.

The following scriptures demonstrate that God ordained that man would eat meat and also make reference to manís involvement in hunting. I will make occasional parenthetical notes for the sake of clarity of context in the following passages of scripture. All passages of scripture noted are from the New International Version of the Bible.

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