God's Great Outdoors

How We Got Started

Radio Host Gerry Caillouet If you ask me how the radio program of God's Great Outdoors came into being, be prepared to spend some time listening. Because, as the story unfolds, you'll discover God never takes us on a straight line from point A to point B. The Father must first prepare and change us. Thus, we travel on life's path through God's divine direction and always in His perfect timing.

In 1993, a group of men and women joined together and started a chapter of Christian Bowhunters of America. As the chapter grew and developed outreach programs, an idea for a hunt began to take shape. The hunt, called The Trophies Of Grace Whitetail Deer Hunt, became the ministry's vision to see unsaved loved ones become the "Trophies", not the deer that were harvested. Want to know more about the Annual Trophies of Grace Whitetal Deer Hunt? Go to www.lothac.com

The hunt became an annual event with the second year seeing hunters and their families attend from nine different states. (The fifth annual hunt saw twenty states represented.) Several weeks after the second hunt, I reflected on all the Christians who made their living in the outdoors. I also thought of all the different outdoor ministries I'd come in contact with in the last few years.

The Christian community needed to know about the sacrifices of both time and money that were being committed to reach unsaved outdoorsmen. Men, women, and children who will not attend church, listen to Christian radio, or watch Billy Graham on television are finding Jesus Christ because of these Christians' efforts. With all this in mind, the idea for a Christian radio program about God's Great Outdoors became a burning desire.

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