Animal Rights? (...cont)

An article by Dwight Schuh
Reprinted by permission from Bowhunter Magazine Oct/Nov 1999 issue

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A couple of months ago I pulled up at a stoplight behind a VW Beetle decorated with bumper stickers. One said, "Meat is Murder," and the one next to it read, "Pro Choice" (pro abortion). To call that faulty logic would be the ultimate oxymoron, since it has no logic. But it clearly demonstrates one reason why we, as people who believe in using animals, can never dialogue with animal rightists. Their argument is illogical.

More to the point here, the animal-rights issue will never be resolved by debating cruelty, wounding loss, animal populations, or conservation, because these are only superficial elements. At the far deeper level, we’re fighting for worldview, right versus wrong. God. We are, in reality, in a spiritual war, and peoples’ concept of God and His relationship to man and animals is the issue. For that reason, we who hold to a Judeo/Christian view must shed our defensive posture over hunting and animal use and take the offensive for values far deeper.

Last year I was on a bear study committee in Idaho. The committee comprised both hunters and animal rightists. During a break one of the animal rightists, eyes squinted, said to me, "You hunters are crazy to draw a line in the sand, because you’re losing. Either you compromise, or we’re going to wipe you out."

Well, he might win a battle or two over hunting, but he won’t win the war. What he doesn’t realize is that we are not fighting just for the right to hunt; we are fighting for truth. And on that front there is no compromise. The line in the sand is growing deeper. To eternity.

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