Steve Rockey - Professional Hunter, Sportsman's Evangelist

Steve Rockey is a professional outdoorsman, hunting extensively in both the US and Canada. He is a Master Sportsman and pro-staffer for numerous companies. He is also an author whose articles have appeared in such publications as North American WHITETAIL, Big Buck Magazine, Whitetail Fanatic Magazine, New York Game & Fish, and Rub-lines. His expertise lies in the consistent harvesting of trophy whitetails and wise spring gobblers. He travels extensively giving seminars at sportsmen events. His years of experience and knowledge could make a difference in your next hunting season.

Steve is a Sportsman's Evangelist, having pastored growing, gospel preaching churches for 22 years. He has an Associates and Bachelors degree from Baptist Bible College and has seen God bring thousands to Christ through his traveling ministry. He is Founder and President of, which is a ministry designed to assist local churches in reaching sportsmen through wild game dinners

Steve and his wife Mary were married in 1980 and now live in Maryland. They have four children whom they are very proud of and a little Yorkshire Terrier. Steve has been a minister for all of his life, allowing him to combine his love of the outdoors with his passion for helping sportsmen and their families. Steve sees many men bring focus to their lives by understanding the role God has in not just providing the forests and the wildlife for all mankind, but also the source of their salvation through the death and resurrection of Christ, God’s only Son. Rockey now gives hunting seminars all across the country as his full time job.

Contact information for Steve Rockey:
2100 Stone Road, Westminster, MD 21158
(313) 580-9503
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Gerry’s Note: We have had Steve Rockey as one of our Trail To Adventure! Conference speakers several times now and we will have him again in the future. He has shared how to do an effective Game Dinner or Sportsmen's Outreach event. This wisdom comes from his many years of doing these events. To be sure he is an excellent communicator. Steve is also one who isn't afraid to say what unsaved outdoorsmen need to hear, that this maybe their last day on earth. Without a relationship with Jesus Christ, who spoke more on hell then heaven, went to the cross for them and that "today is the day of salvation" and they need to pray to receive him now! Steve Rockey will be used by God to see lives changed at your next outreach, of this you can be sure.

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Steve and Mary Rockey

Steve Rockey speaking

Steve Rockey with three trophy bucks

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