Gerry Caillouet - Author, Founder and Radio Host of God's Great Outdoors

Getting to spend time in the woods and on the water with many of today’s top Pro outdoor personalities is one of the most exciting parts of Gerry Caillouet’s outdoor career. His radio show, God’s Great Outdoors has gone from national, to now international syndication and can also be listened to “Anytime On Line” on their website. Heard on over 250 stations in the USA and Canada, the program has taken the listeners On The Trail To Adventure! for over a decade now. (God’s Great Outdoors started airing on July 6th, 1996 in Ohio on WCDR radio.) “Listen Anytime On Line” at

Besides being an outdoors radio program producer and host, Gerry is an outdoor writer, wildlife artist, video producer and book author. He has fished and hunted in many locations across the USA and Canada. He has been an instructor for the National Bowhunter Education Foundation and the Ohio Hunter Education Program, plus is on the Pro staff of Mathews Bows, Inc. Gerry also serves on the board of God’s Great Outdoors and is a past board member of Christian Bowhunters of America.

Gerry‘s wife, Cyndi does both the voicing for the recipe portion of the radio program and runs GGO’s office. The two were married in July of 1976. Their three children are all grown and married. Each family has blessed them with grandchildren, eight in total, with more on the way! These beautiful additions to Gerry and Cyndi’s life are a greater pleasure than they could have ever imagined, and it is these youngsters now in Gerry’s future that he hopes to spend time with, in God’s magnificent Creation in the coming years.

In addition to Mathews Bows, Inc, current and past God’s Great Outdoors Radio Program sponsors include: C’Mere Deer, Formula Boats, Hodgdon Powder, Three Rivers Archery, Trijicon, Sports Spectrum Magazine, Black Widow Bows, API Outdoors Tree Stands, Weatherby Firearms, Mack’s Lures, Real Tree Camouflage, Scorpyd Crossbows, Buck Fever, and Sierra Trading Post.

If you would like to have Gerry come speak at your game dinner event, here is a printable version of the God's Great Outdoors speakers contract specifically for game dinner events that you can download. Please note that the God's Great Outdoors Board of Directors has given Gerry the flexibility to negotiate this honorarium and for all other types of events where he speaks. You should get in touch with Gerry using the contact information below to discuss this in more detail.

Current Topics Gerry Presents!

1) Sportsmen/Game Dinners: “We Will Lose Our Rights To Fish & Hunt!”
(Listen below) Download a printable file with more information about this topic and how it can be used at a Game Dinner event. This file also includes a sample Decision Card that can be used for any event. If you would like a sample of just the Decision Card (a Microsoft Word file), you can download that here.

2) Sunday Service: “Challenge To Reach Others No Matter The Cost!”
(Listen below)

3) Special Presentation for “Father & Son” Events. Gerry looks at his own dysfunctional home life and how he had to learn to be the kind of father and husband God calls us to be.

4) Couples & Marriage Retreats: “Forged In Adversity!” Reflecting back to his teens and “First Love Relationship” Gerry relates an amazing discovery. He compares this time to the years he and Cyndi have spent together, showing how life’s struggles worked to create a bond to each other, that is a model to help other marriages grow in Christ!

5) Men’s & Couples Retreats: “Your Sins Will Find You Out!” With this presentation, Gerry looks at a time when an opportunity to sin revealed itself and what happened. This message explores just how destructive sin can be, if we give in to our temptations.

6) On Intelligent Design, Children’s & Adult Events: “Why All The Holes?” Gerry brings 20 different kinds of animal skulls to examine and use to explain why each “hole in the head” had to be placed where it is with a clear understanding of location to do a job!

7) A Power Point Presentation: “Making A Memory With Photography” Gerry walks you through his personal years of outdoor adventures, and shows how to create memories with the camera. Many professional tips and a bit of humor too! This can be used as a seminar before a game dinner meal Gerry may be speaking at or can work for an Expo.

8) A Power Point Presentation: “Mount Those Antlers, Trophy Or Not!” This is a “HOW TO, DO IT YOURSELF” walk through, showing taking any set of antlers and creating a very attractive and appealing outdoor theme article to give your home the woodsman look. Can be used with the Photography Power Point Presentation (#7 above) for a game dinner event!  

Listen to Gerry's Sunday Morning Message

Listen to Gerry's Game Dinner Message About Losing Our Rights to Hunt and Fish

Watch Gerry share about Jesus' sacrifice on the cross from the True Stories Of Pro Outdoorsmen - On The Trail To Adventure! DVD on


Contact information for Gerry Caillouet:
8193 Emerick Road, West Milton, OH 45383
1-877-TALKGGO (1-877-825-5446)
(937) 698-3656
9 am to 6 pm EST

Church References: Hi Gerry, Thank you so much for coming to Ebenezer and speaking. We heard so many positive compliments of what you had to say, and I believe our decision card results said it all. We had 71 people circle the statement "I prayed tonight to receive Jesus Christ as Savior!" - 42 of those were adults with 25 over the age of 50. We also had 19 teens and 9 children. We also had 25 circle the statement "I recommitted my life to Jesus Christ tonight!". We will begin starting our follow-up with these people this week and I will pass those names to our Prayer Team for them to pray for these individuals. Thank you once again for your ministry and may God bless you and you continue to proclaim His Word.

Kay Spallinger:
Ebenezer Mennonite Church, Bluffton, OH

Note: In addition to this reference above, we have a document that you can download and print with many more references and recommendations for Gerry as an outdoor event speaker. Download a printable file

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Gerry fishing in God's Great Outdoors

Gerry speaking on Sunday morning

Gerry with an Alaska Salmon

Gerry with a turkey in God's Great Outdoors

Gerry out fishing in God's Great Outdoors

Gerry with his bow in God's Great Outdoors

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