Dr. Tom Rakow, Author, Speaker, and Executive President of the Christian Deer Hunters Association®

More than four decades ago (at the ripe-old-age of eleven) Tom C. Rakow poached his first deer with a twenty-two caliber rifle. Unfortunately, this was just the beginning of some very bad hunting habits. Then in 1977, Tom came to know Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior while watching a Billy Graham Crusade on television (His testimony was published in Decision Magazine). Not surprisingly, one of the first things that happened was that Tom’s hunting attitudes and activities began to be transformed. Although Rakow would be the first to admit that God still has a whole lot of work left to do in his life, he’s convinced that a return to biblical principles (which predate aluminum arrows, game wardens, black powder, and the Second Amendment) will serve as a helpful bridge between divergent views held by hunters and non-hunters alike.

Dr. Rakow is in demand as a keynote speaker for wild game feeds, and outdoor-related banquets around the country. He shares a clear evangelistic message incorporating humor, along with personal hunting and fishing stories. Tom is also able to compliment your outreach event with such additional seminars as: How to Hunt Privately on Public Land, English Pointers 101, and Hunting Arguments: Biblical Responses to a Loaded Issue (Based on his book by the same title).

Rakow has written for major publications and also authored “Copy Me!” Bible Quizzes, Hunting & the Bible: A Scripture Safari, Raccoon Hunting Basics and Beyond, Devotions for Dog Lovers, Devotions for Hunters & Anglers, Hunting Arguments: Biblical Responses to a Loaded Issue, and various evangelistic tracts. He is a contributor and the managing editor of Devotions for Deer Hunters, and Devotions for Bird Hunters. Since 1993 Tom has hosted a weekly radio broadcast called “First Light.” In 1994, he founded the Christian Deer Hunters Association® (www.christiandeerhunters.org), a national, non-profit, interdenominational, volunteer ministry to deer hunters. More recently he founded the Christian Anglers Association (www.christiananglers.net). Tom is one of the featured speakers on Volume 1 of a DVD teaching series published by God’s Great Outdoors. His conversion experience aired in January, 2006 on the Unshackled Radio Program #A2875 Unshackled is the longest-running radio drama in history (www.unshackled.org).

Dr. Rakow has studied the Bible in its original languages of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek and regularly researches hunting-related issues as they pertain to a biblical world view approach. He holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin, Moody Bible Institute (IL), Asbury Theological Seminary (KY), and Bethel Theological Seminary (MN). Rakow has been listed in the Dictionary of International Biography - 23rd Edition, and Who’s Who in Religion.

Tom and his wife, Beth, and their four daughters reside in Silver Lake, Minnesota where he has served as a full-time pastor of Grace Bible Church since 1989.

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Contact information for Dr. Tom Rakow:
217 Queen Ave., Silver Lake, MN 55381
(320) 327-2266 (home)
(320) 583-3236 (cell)
Email: tom@rockdove.com
View website: www.RockDove.com
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Gerryís Note: Dr. Tom Rakow was perhaps the very first person I have been privileged to know to have contact me as the radio ministry of Godís Great Outdoors began its fledgling airing in July of 1996. Tom and I have done so many things together in the way of evangelistic outdoor outreach over the many years we have known each other. I can say that winning souls to Jesus Christ is on the top of his list. I have never seen him not make that the focus as he has shared in any setting, at anytime. Heís a speaker who will surely capture your audienceís attention and relate to them as a fellow outdoorsman who has walked the same path in life they have. Tomís transparency, in relation to the sinful life he led before asking the Creator God to save him, will speak to all attending. Lastly, the need for a Savior and a call to action will be crystal clear, I assure you!

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Dr Tom Rakow Wisconsin public land whitetail

Dr Tom Rakow's wife and daughters with trout

Dr Tom Rakow and English Pointer

Dr Tom Rakow with black bear

Dr Tom Rakow Minnesota public land longbow

Dr Tom Rakow's English Pointers at point

Dr Tom Rakow South Dakota mule deer
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