Dr. William "Bill" Brown, Online Professor at Liberty University

Bill BrownDr. Brown’s formative years were spent traveling as an Army brat, and joined the Army after high school to fly. He flew helicopters in Viet Nam (including Lam Son 719) and received several awards. He and two of his three older brothers were in Viet Nam at the same time. His call sign was Ghost Rider 54, “Peanuts.” The Ghost Riders were A/158th Aviation Battalion, 101st Airborne Div. Camp Evans. Bill began his journey with Christ when nine, and was called to ministry over Laos during a hairy day of flying. He came home before his 20th birthday.

In college Bill met and married Kathy Kiser from Cheraw, SC. They spent twenty years in Alaska, working in ministry, public education, and commercial fishing (salmon and halibut). Bill had charter, outfitter, and tourism businesses. He spent a lot of money on whitewater kayaking, climbing, hunting , fishing, and snow skiing. They have three sons; Ashley, Adam, and Andrew. The boys are married to Sarah, Connie, and Amanda. Bill and Kathy have five grandkids; Charlotte, Liam, Josiah, Isabella, and Alister. He taught church planting and evangelism courses at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary from January 1999 to December 2007. He was the Director of the North American Church Planting degree program. He is now Lead Pastor of a new church in Youngsville, NC, (North Star Baptist Church) and teaching classes with Liberty Seminary’s On-line program.

Bill Brown and white tailBill spends his free time bow and bird hunting, fly fishing, and offshore trolling. He has taken black bear, mountain goat, moose, javelina, whitetail, and blacktail deer. Bill has fished throughout the U.S. and Canada, in South Africa and Venezuela.

A few years ago Dr. Brown realized two formative truths: The Army did a better job of teaching him what it meant to be a “real helicopter pilot” than the church did teaching him what it means to be a Christian; and the Great Commission is about making disciples, not “praying a prayer.” Having been an outfitter in Alaska and a pastor, it is only natural to name his ministry website and blog the OutfittingDisciples Blog.

Bill Brown with dolphin caught 45 miles of NC coast




Contact information for Dr. Bill Brown
175 Fox Road, Youngsville, NC 27596

Gerry’s Note: Besides being a valued member of God's Great Outdoors, Board of Directors, I've worked with Dr. Bill Brown a number of times at various speaking events. These have included men's and couples outreaches, Sunday services and the teaching of the "How & Whys?" of Outdoor Evangelism Conferences. He is a top notch speaker, I promise you!

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